Business Problem: We have enormous amount of data, building up faster than ever. Yet, we seem to have little information that can help make critical decisions for business growth.

Many Data Analytics and Business Intelligence tools are available to users to help in data analytics. Yet, most seem to work more as Reporting and Presentation tools, mere variations or marginal enhancement offered by popular spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel.


A platform for advanced data discovery offers mix of smart features, great usability and a licensing model that enables organizations democratize use of data analytics tools.

How does Smarten differentiate as an augmented analytics platform?

  • Self Service From Inception
  • Traditional BI And Modern BI In One platform
  • Assisted Predictive Modelling
  • Clickless Analytics
  • Reusability Driven Platform Architecture
  • Ready Portal With API
  • Genuinely Cost Effective – Innovative Licensing

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