Personal Finance: Comprehensive, Smart and Easy

You can manage complete financials of each individual and also generate reports for family or a group. This covers stocks, debentures, bonds, mutual funds, fixed deposits, investment schemes of Indian Post Office,Monthly Income Plans, Pension Plans, Loans (borrowings and lending), Life and non-life insurance. Based on your inputs, develop cash flow using budget module.

Since Easy Life allows you to group users, Chartered Accountants and Investment Managers can manage complete investment portfolio of their customers. Quickly generate portfolio reports and reminder letters for customers and increase your business by providing great services.


Asset Management

Manage Real Estate and Other Precious AssetsEnter complete information on your physical assets - land & buildings, vehicles, computers, machinery, furniture, consumer durables, jewellery and precious metals. Manage income from assets, such as rent. Generate Net Worth Report to include all assets and liabilities covering both financial and physical assets to have an accurate view of what you or your family is worth financially. Store information on maintenance contracts of your assets and get timely reminders on contract renewal.

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