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Today enterprises across industry vertical, specially BFSI, IT/ITes, Manufacturing etc are struggling with business critical data exfiltration challenge which leads to infringement of their agreements, contracts and regulatory compliances (GDPR, PCI, ISO 27001 etc). To address this challenge most of the time enterprise’s information security teams start deploying data protection controls without evaluating & realising what business data is sensitive/critical and where this data should be and where it is actually lying across enterprise and how it should be protected. Thus to define and deploy effective data protection program it is strongly advised to first discover the critical data and define its sensitivity before applying the appropriate data security control.

Klassify Data Discovery & Compliance Suite(KDDCS)

KDDCS is critical data discovery solution which can help enterprises to search business critical data at rest across various data storage points, which falls under various regulatory compliances like PCI, PII, GDPR, Indian PDP and many more. It also helps them take remediation actions like delete, quarantine, apply classification.

Key Features

Discover Sensitive Data

One Click Data Classification of Discovered Data

Multiple File Types Support

Multiple Remediation Actions

One-Time Discovery

Detailed Reports

Scheduled Discovery

Illustrative Dashboard with Fruitful Analytics

Klassify Data Classification Suite(KDCS)

KDCS is data classification platform which helps the enterprises to classify their business critical data as per their defined data classification policy. This solution brings the data classification policy to the users and helps them classify the data they are generating and sharing, based on its sensitivity.

Klassify Card Data Discovery Suite( KCDDS)

KCDDS is card data discovery solution which helps organisations to comply with PCI DSS compliance by discovering the unprotected PAN across enterprise in both structures and unstructured formats and take appropriate actions like Delete, Quarantine, Truncate to ensure there are no unprotected PANs in the enterprises who are handling card data.

  • Discover multiple payment card data across enterprise
  • Flexible Policy Scheduling
  • Apply remediation actions
  • Measure risk levels based on the sensitive information discovered at endpoints
  • Proactively monitor and analyze risk levels based on discovery results

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