Mastee Events

Adit Microsys brings a unique offering to help people and organizations manage events in an orderly fashion.

Mastee Events is a mobile and web application developed by Mehfil Mastee Events, a startup focusing on applications for Events and Entertainment.

Personal events such as weddings, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, religious ceremonies and many such events require huge effort to plan and execute. Professional or organizational events also require great amount of time, energy, people resources and coordination.


Mastee Event application helps you to:

  • Create a new event, such as Seminar, Training Workshop, Festival Celebration, Wedding
  • Create sub-events, such as Keynote Address, Panel Discussion, Sangeet, Wedding, Reception
  • Create invitation list for each sub-event; send out graphic invitations digitally
  • Invited Guests can use Mastee Event app, to keep up to date on all event information
  • Manage expense budget
  • Assign tasks to support team members
  • Plan and manage accommodation for guests
  • Live webcast event using app
  • Organize memories by pictures and video contributions from all guests in a single Channel

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